Saturday, January 9, 2010

Ballet Barbie

Happy New Year. Welcome to 2010, may it be a peaceful and happy year.

For my first adventure in 2010 I went to a 5 year olds fairy princess birthday party. The five year old is Bubbles niece (Bubbles being my brothers girlfriend). I was pretty chuffed to get an invite to the party, apparently I am a big hit with the five year old (not so much with her three year old brother but working on that).

The party was split into the kids and the adults part. The kids party involved pass the parcel and the usual games and then a magician who was pretty fun. Then the kids went home and the family adults party started. It was pretty awesome party - by the end though the five year old had retreated to her room with her new toys.

The five year old started ballet last year and is also very into barbies. So I thought ballet costume for Barbie would be a pretty awesome present. Ages ago I bought a bag of ribbon ends from Spotlight which came in very handy for this project. As usual a lot of the project relied on Mum's uberawesome sewing and knitting skills. She knitted a singlet, shorts and legwarmers. And sewed together a very gothic lolita tutu. All together the outfit looked like this

Modelled here and in following shots by my one remaining Barbie. Her hair hasn't survived so well but it doesn't look too bad bundled up in a bun. Also don't look too closely at her neck, she had an unfortunate beheading by my brother and the heads never go back on quite the same way.

Action Shot. A few moments of boredom on my part also discovered the skirt could be used as a top and the leg warmers as arm warmers.
The final packaged gift - I found this little zip pocket in some old stationary which I thought worked. If you notice the crochet on the top of the shorts that is because Barbie has a rather large bottom and though she looked fine standing up if she sat down she flashed everyone so Mum added a crochet band.

I'm pretty sure she liked it, for the five seconds she looked at it before going on to the next present. She was a very lucky little girl with the presents that she got. It was ok though as Bubbles and I acquired one of her barbies and dressed it up - there were several comments about us enjoying the five year olds toys more than the five year old.

I'm off to Japan on Monday so probably no more posts until after the 29th but I should hopefully have something interesting to talk about then. And maybe even some photos (and some progress) on my first project for 2010 - Learn to Knit Afghan by Barbara G Walker. Last night I was at 1.5 squares completed but then I frogged the one I was working on and haven't gotten back to it (packing and finishing the library book that I can't take to Japan with me has been slightly more pressing). I like the one I have finished though so thats good.