Saturday, August 20, 2011

Sunday Sunshine

I should be writing my essay on the ideology of Augustus's marriage and childbearing laws but instead I am here reading blogs (and writing one) and writing complaint emails. I am really not very good at those as I kind of end up saying look this was bad, but don't get upset it is really not as bad as it sounds. Oh and of course I am drinking tea and eating cake. I am bit concerned about the size of my waistline after this weekend as I haven't had a single ounce of self control (and I have no idea why self-control is measured in ounces it just is).

Apart from complaint emails and cake eating I bring you some iphone photos from this week -

This is a photo wall hanging/ art thingy that I am working on for a friend of mine. I stay at her house a fair bit and she has a cat, a pretty amazing cat which gets into absolutely everything. As I am a bit snap happy with the iphone I have ended up with a tonne of photos of which I have printed out (some) and punched holes in the corners (so much harder than it should have been) so I can string them all together and magnet them onto her fridge. I also had a couple of pens I brought when I was in Japan last year especially for writing on photos, and have written some captions on. I'll try and get a photo of it hanging up at her place this week.

This is a detail from a building along Collins St that I noticed and thought was pretty.

And of course Darwin with his cheeky toothy grin. Taken this morning in the sun and after I had cleaned out his yard which contained an array of bones, pieces of foam, fabric, the handle off a bucket and a piece of chewed plastic pipe. Given that I cleared his yard a few weeks ago I'm not sure where he manages to get all these treasures but they are safely in the bin now. The oddly shaped shadow is me and Mum's dog Mopsy who insists on being in close contact whenever possible.

Now I think it is time to get back to the essay. I have already carefully mapped out my week of work, uni, homework, excercise and social activities and now just need to get into gear to get everything on the list done so as to not be a mess by the end of next week. Onward I go.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

In Apology for my absence I bring you photos

Well as you can tell I spend a lot more time reading blogs than I do writing my own but I still have dreams of being this organised being who posts regularly and has lots of awesomeness to show for may never happen but I can keep hoping right!

In apology for my long absence I bring you pictures from my new(ish) iphone. My new(ish) red gumboots just before Darwin and I went for a walk this morning. (Of course Darwin was on his pink lead so that we colour clashed).

Darwin himself. Helping me with my uni readings. Not at all trying to convince me to give him treats and let him sleep inside. His belief in his right to sleep inside and my belief that he should sleep outside is a nightly discussion involving Darwin lying down as flat as possible on his mat (making him an impossible dead weight to lift) and me coaxing him to get up and ending up offering him a treat. Poor Darwin falls for the treat everytime and then is lead out to his yard - where he settles down to sleep rather quickly.

The fire has been burning away at our house all day long. Trying to hold back the chill. Only marginally successful. Despite a few days of warmth the other week, winter is still definitely here.

Now I must post this and feed Darwin. He has been giving long and loud yawns to remind me that he is outside and patiently waiting for his dinner and then to be let inside to sleep while we watch tv followed by the completion of the evening with a discssuon about where he will be sleeping.