Friday, November 23, 2012

Saturday morning interrupted

I should be at home full of coffee and macaroons from a local bakery. I even managed to get out of bed on time and made it to the station to catch the train home. But the trains are all stopped and the scene at the replacement bus stop is chaos and stress.

So instead I'm in a coffee shop drinking a peppermint mocha frappachino and contemplating the "good service" announcement on the train website which is in such a dramatic contrast to the chaos below.

I might poke my head out in a few minutes and see if there has been some sort of miracle and I can avoid the indignity of the bus (my least favorite form of transport).

Until then there is classical music, calm and coffee. I'm even chilled out enough not to be angry about the Christmas decorations out in November thing. And I reckon this little squirrel guy is pretty cool.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The secret life of Melbourne....

....during business hours.

Looks like I will be working more than I anticipated this break (alright more than my wishful thinking had anticipated). So my day of leisure today will probably be one of few.

Today I dragged my sorry body out of bed and forced it around Princess park at 6 am. Definitely nuts! Then after I had toned my complexion back from beetroot I headed to the hairdressers to tame my crazy mane (see picture) I also got my eyebrows tinted which always gives me a big fright.

I spent the rest of the day with a friend from uni. I often forget how much fun Melbourne can be as I am rushing from one place to another and it then seems to compare unfavorably to cities in Europe and the US where I spend my holidays in a much more relaxed mode. So having the chance to hangout was very relaxing and a reminder of what Melbourne can offer! We had lunch at my favorite Japanese restaurant Chocolate Buddha at Fed square. I actually branched out and tried something new - Pork Ramen . It was perfect for sitting outside in the shade and people watching for a few hours. The original plan had been to see a movie but we instead ended up at the Gallery. They have a print exhibition on at the moment. I don't know much about prints but I enjoy looking at them and there was some great pieces in this collection. Some of the renditions of female bodies were - interesting - they looked like male figures with someones ideas of female curves when they have never seen a women in the flesh. The dancing skeletons were also great but creepy. There was also a ballet costume exhibit in the fashion gallery. We finished our afternoon at the gallery tea rooms with tea and cake - yum!

I'm now on my train home and have been busily replying to overdue text messages and soaking in the remaining daylight.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Hide hide hidehi

So just slipping back to blog world.... It's been.. Eh... Several months since my last blog. Uni is over for the summer for me and for a lot of my classmates it's the end of their first undergraduate degree - so cute to see them cut loose into the big wide world.

I took this photo in New York this year and it seems fitting for my thoughts at the moment. I didn't do nanowrimo again this year. I totally planned to but it's just too much off the back of final hand in and I went straight back to work and social stuff once I had handed in. So instead I want to catch up on blogging, sort my photos from my trip and get a head start on my creative writing workshop in the New Year. Oh and make Christmas presents for everyone. Preferably before the merry go round that is Christmas parties starts. Fun!