Friday, November 18, 2011

Weather and rainbows

Edit: so didn't actually hit post yesterday!!!!! So a day late but posted.

I'm just waiting to meet a friend for brunch. It's pretty official that I'm in love with my iPhone. That I can be waiting and posting is so amazing. It is so far out of what I could have imagined as a kid.

Anyways what I wanted to post about was the rainbow that I snapped waiting for a tram yesterday. It was a stiffling day yesterday. Up until I went into the gym. When I came out the world has completely changed it was dark and wet and not cold but crisp. Later when I went to meet friends for dinner the Sun made a reappearance and brought with it this rainbow.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Where I have been.......

Hitting the books to finish off semester. Until this morning I was torn between wanting to be on holidays and not wanting uni to be over. This morning though I definitely hit my limit and just wanted it to be over. And it is.... almost. Just one more read through and then I will hit submit.

And then holidays. Wooooooo.