Sunday, October 23, 2011

Bah Humbug

As I can't figure out what determines the order of photos I shall be dictated by their order this week.

I have been really getting into my kobo lately. It has not done what I hoped and gotten me to read the free classics but I love that it is light and seems almost never ending in capacity. Not awesome is when the battery dies at a crucial moment or today when it combined with a dying laptop cable to drain my battery and so render my laptop useless.

Darwin says hi! He spent a few hours inside yesterday while we had dramatic thunder storms. He wasn't afraid of the storm because he was so much more interested in snuffling and sniffing for tissues and any tasty morsel we may have left.

This week I managed to make it to the gym three times. And here is my bag waiting patiently in the locker for my return. Three times is always the aim but this semester not so successful.

And now season 3 of Merlin is beginning. So I will leave you for another week.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

This post is brought to you from my iphone

So I just got to thinking that I downloaded the blogger app and hadn't even looked at it. Really.

And that maybe if I did I would have an easier way of posting photos than our dial up speed Internet.

But now I have the photos but no idea where they are going to turn up in the post.

So photo the first is a square I made today for a friends quilt - all her friends are making a square and then it will be put together in all it's crazy color madness and image mismatching. (I'm also so disappointed by the edges on blocks before they are finished but then I'm really not that neat at cutting out stuff so I don't know why I complain when there is an obvious solution!)

Photo the second is my new shoes I picked up for the bargain price of $11. Go chain store with crazy prices.

Photo the third is a cool scrabble ring my friend made for me.

And the final photo is of my teapot bookend which I got for my birthday way back in March but I love. It is holding up last semesters studious books.

Right so shall we experiment with what order the photos come out in when I post.

Edit: hmmm can you guess the orders those photos should have been in? I shall have to experiment with next weeks post as Mums awesome pork and fennel sausage rolls are calling. And I heard the ice-cream maker going this afternoon so I have hopes for dessert.

Friday, October 7, 2011

I'm back....

.....well I haven't really been anywhere just distracted by the usual uni stuff. Which is actually a lot more distracting when deadlines are not as close and suddenly I am way more excited to post when the deadline actually looms. Yep I'm card carrying proctastinator.

This week I bring you photos from my iphone again
I found this in a pot plant under some wormwood today. It was a definite sign that, despite the temperature and the rain, we have changed seasons and are moving into summer (fingers crossed for a nice mild summer again this year). I spent sometime sitting on the end of the verandah with Darwin and Mopsy watching the birds flittering about. My favourite are the blue wrens who show no fear in landing in the dogs yard and then flit away flashing bright blue.

And of course there was time to snap a new photo of the monster with his newly ungunked eyes (trust me to have a dog that gets hayfever).
Check out this terrifying monster. Apparently a yawn in dog world has gigantic proportions. For a second I thought he might have been auditioning for Terra Nova (which is as family as you'd expect but it has dinosaurs so I can see myself watching it anyways).
And lastly. A few weeks ago we went to a friends BBQ party and one of the people there was a temporary tatto artist. This is my ink. I am still in two minds about the entire permanent tattoo business but the temporary tattoos are very fun.